Our cattle lead a species-appropriate life on pastureland with grass feeding and organic certification.

  • attitude

    Cattle that are raised and kept in a species-appropriate manner and live in a stress-free environment tend to produce healthier meat and high-quality fat. A stress-free environment with enough space prevents the formation of stress hormones, which consequently means a better composition of meat and fat.

  • feeding

    A natural diet, in the form of rich, lush grasses, ensures that the animals' fat naturally contains important nutrients and vitamins. This means that these do not need to be supplemented in synthetic form and the beef tallow remains a high-quality natural product. The way the cattle are fed can therefore have a positive effect on the quality and purity of the beef tallow.

  • habitat

    Cattle that are kept in large pastures and have enough space to move around are generally more active and healthy. Just like with humans, regular exercise helps maintain health. Clean water, fresh air and a healthy microclimate also play an essential role in the health of the animals and consequently also in the quality of the tallow.

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"We deliberately chose organic beef tallow from Lake Constance in order to not only offer our customers a high-quality product, but also to reflect our values ​​of sustainability, animal welfare and quality."

It was clear to us from the start that we wanted to work exclusively with organic beef tallow. This is mainly due to the fact that organic beef tallow does not contain any chemical residues and can have a higher nutrient concentration than conventional beef tallow. The animals are kept in accordance with organic farming guidelines, which means that no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are used. The cattle are also not given any antibiotics or growth hormones and have access to pasture.

The cattle from which our beef tallow comes are raised in species-appropriate conditions, enjoy a life in the wild and are treated with respect and care. Their fat is formed by a natural diet and a healthy habitat, which leads to outstanding quality. Choosing organic beef tallow from Lake Constance is not only a decision for the health of our customers, but also for the environment and nature.