Why beef tallow from Lake Constance?

The mild climate and fertile soils of the Lake Constance region create ideal conditions for growing fruit and vegetables as well as for raising livestock. The moderate temperatures and sufficient rainfall support the growth of plants and promote the development of healthy animals.

Agriculture in the region stands for traditional and sustainable cultivation practices, which, with the help of many years of expertise, produces juicy fruit and vegetables as well as healthy animals. It is not for nothing that the Lake Constance region is considered a recreational area for people and animals and one of the best cultivation areas in Germany.

  • Organic quality from Germany

    When we founded Tallow, it was clear to us from the start that we only wanted to use high-quality, pure, organic beef tallow from Germany. When looking for a suitable supplier, we visited several companies in person and looked at the facilities on site to convince ourselves of the quality of the products, the manufacturing processes and the working methods. We spent over half a year looking for a suitable partner for our high-quality tallow creams until we found our current partner from Lake Constance.

  • Sustainable business with heart

    As part of its commitment to sustainability and ethics, the organic farm ensures that the cattle are raised in species-appropriate conditions. The animals enjoy a life in the wild, on lush pastures on the idyllic Lake Constance. The regional origin is not only a sign of quality, but also a contribution to environmental protection, through short transport routes and support for local farms. The farm is actively committed to protecting animals and the environment and promotes sustainable agriculture that takes the needs of people and nature into account equally.

  • Collaboration from the very beginning

    The partnership is based on complete trust, respect and mutual appreciation. This means we can be confident that our beef tallow is not only of the highest quality, but is also produced with environmental and animal welfare practices in mind. This means you, as a customer, can be confident that you are receiving a product that is not only good for your skin, but also in line with our values ​​of sustainability and ethics.

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