Founder by conviction

"I believe that any skin care product that heals and regenerates should be made from 100% natural and pure ingredients. My mission is to help people with skin problems by introducing them to the benefits of Tallow."

Ece, Founder & CEO of Tallow GmbH

How it all began

Even in my childhood, I was prone to sensitive, dry skin, which is why I have always had problems with conventional care products. As a teenager, when all my girlfriends tried different cosmetic products, I was never able to have a say as my skin could not tolerate them. Over the years I tested myself through various brands and products from all price ranges, from the drugstore and the pharmacy. However, after a few applications, I got allergic reactions every time and had to change the products again.

Three years ago I heard about beef tallow for the first time from a friend who had been working with naturopathic remedies for many years.

At first I was skeptical, since I could not imagine that an animal product can treat skin problems. Out of my desperation, however, I decided to give it all a chance. After just a few weeks I noticed a significant improvement in my skin image. My rosacea almost completely declined, my neurodermatitis hardly appeared at all and I was able to almost completely eliminate all dry areas of the skin on the entire body with the beef tallow. I tested the bovine tallow over several months and my symptoms became increasingly rare. The problem, however, was that at that time beef tallow was not yet available in the form of a cream in Germany.

The trend from the USA

I quickly realized that the need for natural skin care based on beef tallow was not just for me, but for many other people. So I started to read more about the topic, further optimizing the recipe and looking for a high-quality supplier of organic beef tallow. During my research, I learned a lot about the origins of tallow and that it was used in skin care many years ago by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Over the years, skin care has continued to change from natural ingredients to artificial, industrially manufactured products. Until today, when we live in a world in which the majority of care products on the drugstore shelf are no longer natural and people are developing more and more skin problems.

I came across various articles from the USA, where I read that a trend towards skin care based on beef tallow had developed there in recent years. This encouraged me even more to bring beef tallow into German bathrooms in an easily accessible and high-quality manner.

Founding of Tallow GmbH

After the foundations for Tallow were laid, I founded Tallow GmbH in 2022.

Our Tallow community ("Tallowers") and our team have been growing rapidly since then. I am delighted with the numerous positive feedback. It was important to me that I could communicate with you, that the product reaches you in the best quality and that I can stand 100% behind Tallow and our products.

We have already accomplished a lot in the last two years, and yet I as the founder and we as a team are regularly faced with new challenges - from entrepreneurship itself to product development and quality assurance.

I am very happy that I have been able to help over 10,000 customers to date and am proud of what we have achieved as a team. But I am even happier about how we grow as a community every day and support each other.

All love,

Founder & CEO of Tallow GmbH