Focus on sustainability

For us, sustainability begins with our product itself, beef tallow.

Tallow is obtained as a by-product of meat processing and therefore comes from an existing resource. This means that the animal is used efficiently as a resource, which leads to less waste and therefore not only shows more appreciation for the animal, but also reduces environmental impact. Since we do not use any synthetic ingredients in our tallow products, our organic beef tallow is biodegradable and therefore has less of a harmful effect on the environment. In addition, the beef tallow from all of our tallow products comes from Germany and the cattle also all come from our supplier's immediate area. These shortened transport routes also reduce the carbon footprint.

Quality over quantity

In our small factory, we manufacture each product with a lot of love and care. We use gentle manufacturing processes that we have developed and continually improved over the last few years. Our small team puts a lot of work into all processes every day so that your orders reach you as quickly as possible. We have consciously decided against industrial white label production and in favor of our own production in order to maintain our quality standards. This means we can manufacture fewer products in the same amount of time, but we know that all process steps are in our hands and we can fully stand behind our products.

Customers first

Without our customers, Tallow would not be what it is today. Together we have managed to become Europe's leading supplier of beef tallow for skin care. That's why not only is your feedback extremely important to us so that we can constantly improve and develop, but of course we also want to achieve your complete satisfaction. In addition to free worldwide shipping, we try to have your orders ready for dispatch on the same day as the order. We also regularly re-evaluate our processes and cost structures in order to offer you the best price-performance ratio at all times.

Love for animals

For many people, an animal product may be in conflict with their love of animals. Nevertheless, we have the greatest respect for animals and nature, which is why we only use animal products if they are treated with respect. That is why we only purchase our beef tallow from a supplier we trust, where we know that the organic pasture-fed cattle have been kept, fed and treated in a species-appropriate manner. Of course, we also refrain from any form of animal testing and always test our products ourselves first.